How to move epg.dat to USB stick on OpenPLi image?

This article is intended for those who are using OpenPLi image. This image is my favourite but it lacks some features that you would expect in such great image. One of those features is epg.dat position. By default you cannot change position of epg.dat file. It is always located on hard drive. Well, this can be changed 🙂 What do we need? USB stick, FTP access to receiver and two lines that need to be added to settings file which is located in /etc/enigma2/ folder. Here is more info:

1. First you need to format your stick to FAT32 and put it in your receiver. OpenPLi does support advanced mount options, so please name your USB stick as “USB” in Windows. That way, OpenPLi will automatically detect your stick as USB.

2. Connect to your receiver using FTP protocol. Go to /media/usb folder and create new file epg.dat. Then put 0644 permissions to this file.

3. Now go to /etc/enigma2/ folder and find file named “settings”. Open this file with notepad++ and add these two lines:


4. Save the file and restart your receiver. After restart please check if your USB stick is still properly mounted and if epg.dat is still present on it. If not, then you have done something wrong.

5. Start XMLTV Import plugin and download EPG data. When downloading is finished, restart Enigma 2 in order to save this data to epg.dat file. After restart check the size of this file, using FTP protocol. If you will see different size than 0, then EPG data is succesfully written to epg.dat file!

6. For more information use comment system, thanks.

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