Translating in OpenPLi (Enigma 2)

Are you using OpenPLi  but you language is poorly translated and you want to improve it? I will try to provide basic info, how to start translating!

1. First go to this page:;a=tree;f=po;h=c1f494abfeb9e44fc0e78a709286ca53209082f0;hb=HEAD

2. Find your language and click with your right mouse button on “RAW”. Then select “Save Target As” in order to download language file (x.po) to your PC.

3. You can use to types of programs to edit .po files. Notepad++ and similar editors OR POEdit software which is specially made for editing .po files and i strongly recommend using this piece of software.

4. When you are finished with editing, save .po file and send it to OpenPLi admins. On their forum there is dedicated topic where everyone can post their newest translations. Link is:

5. OpenPLi is regularly adding new strings, so you can expect many untranslated strings/words.

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