Top 3 skins for OpenPLi

These skins can only be used with OpenPLi. If you will use them with other images you can get booting problems or green screens (restarts). Two of them are already available via OpenPLi feed, one is only available on PLi forum.

1. PLACE = MetrixHD skin by iMaxxx and modified by Taykun345 from PLi forum

MetrixHD_3 MetrixHD_2 MetrixHD_skin_1

Skin uses very simple graphics and therefore it is suitable for weaker receivers. Simple graphics does not mean that this skin looks bad, its just that it tries to mimic Windows Phone styling. Ipk file can be found on OpenPLi forum and it cannot be downloaded from OpenPLi feed (yet)!

2. PLACE = MoodBlue HD skin by Army and modified by Taykun345 from PLi forum

MoodBlueHD_1 MoodBlueHD_2 MoodBlueHD_3 MoodBlueHD_4

Skin is made by Army who is working with BlackHole team. He really knows how to make good graphics but coding is a bit less good. Skin uses dark colors and it is even better if you like “night” skins. It was my skin of choice for many months, then i switched to MetrixHD skin which was released recently! Skin is ready to be downloaded from OpenPLi feed!

3. PLACE = MX-HD2 skin by Matrix10 and modified by Taykun345 from PLi forum

MX-HD2_3 MX-HD2_2 MX-HD2_2

Skin is made by Matrix10 who is also working with BlackHole team. Very nice graphics and coding style! Skin was donated to OpenPLi by Matrix10 himself and because of that is also available on OpenPLi. It is a bit bright, so it is not suitable for users who do not like bright skins. Especially at night it can be a bit annoying to have such bright colors. Originally it was even brighter but author provided darker graphics! Skin is ready to be downloaded from OpenPLi feed!

All images are taken from OpenPLi forum, all credits go to Taykun345.

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