Permanent Timeshift on OpenPLi

Recently I decided that it is time to start using something new on my receiver. I have been following this discussion on OpenPLi forum and decided to download latest version of PTS plugin, modified by user Dima73.

Permanent timeshift is basically automatic timeshift in other words. When you zap to channel X, receiver automatically starts recording it. If you decide to switch to another channel, receiver will stop recording previous one and start recording current/new channel.

Plugin also has a few settings where you can for example set when should timeshift start after zapping to certain program. Default setting is 5 seconds and its quite OK. If you are zapping fast, then you should not set up very short time (1 second for example).

OpenPLi recently undergo some timeshift changes and Dima73 is still tweaking this plugin. Latest version is 1.2F but we can expect new version soon. Current version works fine for me though. For latest version please visit above link.

If you decide to use PTS plugin beware that this means your HDD will run all the time. I use NAS and I dont hear my HDDs 🙂

EDIT: OpenPLi now support permanent timeshift by default. You can find this setting in OpenPLi settings menu!

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