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After closing down my other two blogs (oscamtips and oscamconfigs), my new blog was struggling a bit but for a last few weeks it is going really strong. Statistics are showing that there are more than 500 visitors and 1000 page views every day. Visitors are highly targeted as they come to my blog via satellite related keywords.

What does this mean?

This means you can advertise on my blog very efficiently as visitors are targeted and therefore very interested in everything satellite related. If you are running internet store with satellite equipment (Enigma 2 receivers for example), then this is the right place to advertise.

I offer FREE ADVERTISING period of 1 week. After that we will discuss about possible future cooperation. Please send me a email to this address: support”at”satnigmo.com

I expect that you have banners already prepared. Accepted sizes are: 728×90 and 468×90

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