New MTV Unlimited Conax cards!

Here is the newest information about MTV Unlimited package from TechniSat. You have probably noticed that for a while there is no more 6 or 12-month tickets  available. Here is why:

From 1. July 2013 there will be new smartcards (currently there are yellow cards) in circulation and also new tickets with the corresponding validation time.

You also need to know these facts:

  • The new Conax cards will not be exchanged free of charge. You will have to purchase a new card (price is not known at present, but should be in the region of the old price approx. 25 Euro)
  • Old and new tickets are not compatible. This means that the ticket you have purchased can only be activated using old smartcard. This also means that if you have not activated your current card(s), you must activate the card before the 30th June 2013! After this date it will not be possible to activate the tickets.

When you wish to receive MTV beyond 30th June 2013, I recommend that you buy the ticket(s) before this date (perhaps for 1 or 2 years in advance – you can do this by ordering 4 three month tickets or 8 three months tickets). Old cards that are valid will not be switched off according to the announcement from MTV. So you wont have to buy new Conax card for the validation time of the old card.

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