Collection of all MetrixHD skin modifications

#1 Original MetrixHD skin made by iMaxxx – vuplus-support.org forum

iMaxxx created excellent skin that is probably the most moddable skin in the history of Enigma 2 receivers. His version only work with VTi image therefore you need to use other modifications if you are running alternative images. It does include MyMetrix plugin! In my opinion some of the mods are better than original. Use this skin only if you use VTi image, otherwise please use skins which are modified especially for image that you use!

Home and download website is: http://mymetrix.de/

#2 MetrixHD MOD by BiNiCKNiCH – gigablue-support.org

BiNiCKNiCH created one of the first or maybe even the first modification of MetrixHD skin. Skin should work on all images based on OpenPLi. Originally it was made for OpenMIPS which is image for GigaBlue receivers. I do not know if he plans to develop it further, it seems that development came to a halt. It does not include MyMetrix plugin! Original forum thread is located here: http://www.gigablue-support.org/

#3 MetrixHD + Plugin BH 2.XX mode by ramiMAHER

RamiMAHER is known for his skin modifications. This one is tailored especially for BlackHole images. Most of the other parts of the skin are the same as in original skin, there is also included MyMetrix plugin! BlackHole images are based on Vu+ original image and therefore you are forced to use skin modified by ramiMAHER or original skin my iMaxxx (VTi is also based on Vu+ original image). If you try other skins which are adapted for OpenPLi, you might get not-bootable receiver! Original forum thread is located here: http://www.sat-universe.com/showthread.php?t=251419

#4 MetrixHD MOD by SSD – et-view-support.com

Skin is based on BiNiCKNiCH version and should work on all images based on OpenPLi. The main differences are changed font and some color and infobar changes. MyMetrix plugin is not included. My recommendation is that you skin this one as you can get other, better modifications. Original forum thread is located here: http://www.et-view-support.com/Forum/showthread.php?10886-Metrix-HD-MOD-by-SSD

#5 MetrixFullHD MOD by area51 – et-view-support.com

Area51 has done great job. He has transformed this skin to 1080p resolution. It should work on all images based on OpenPLi. MyMetrix plugin is also included. Overall, this is great modification and I recommend it if you want to have 1080p skin. Originally, skin is 720p. Original forum thread is located here: http://www.et-view-support.com/Forum/showthread.php?11174-MetrixFullHD-mod-by-area51

#6 MetrixHD MOD by scwheeler – world-of-satellite.com (ViX)

Skin is using Taykun345 modification as a base and is still in early stages of development. It is modified to work with ViX but because ViX is OpenPLi based image, you can use this skin with other images too. In my opinion you should better stick to skins #7 and #8 if you are using OpenPLi. Original forum thread is located here: http://www.world-of-satellite.com/showthread.php?27637-MetrixHD_MOD&highlight=metrix


#7 MetrixHD with myMetrix plugin by IPMAN & Misiak and other contributors – et-view-support.com and openpli.org

This skin has strong development and some nice new and improved features/screens that are not present in current version of original skin. It should work on all images based on OpenPLi. MyMetrix plugin is also included. Development can be tracked on GitHub: https://github.com/Misenkooo/e2-openpli-plugin-MyMetrixHD

Original forum threads: http://openpli.org/forums/topic/28287-mymetrixhd-for-openpli-3x/ and http://www.et-view-support.com/Forum/showthread.php?11172-MetrixHD-**MyMetrix-PlugIn**

#8 MetrixHD MOD by Taykun345 – openpli.org

And we come to the end of this collection. This skin is modified by known skin modifer on OpenPLi forum and works on all OpenPLi based images. It does not have MyMetrix plugin BUT it does have some nice designed screens which look a lot better than in original skin. If you really want MyMetrix plugin, then this skin might not be for you BUT if you do not need it, then it is the best modification available. Developer is responsive and can be found in this thread: http://openpli.org/forums/topic/27010-metrixhd-mod-by-taykun345/

Development can be also tracked on GitHub: https://github.com/Taykun345/skin-PLi-MetrixHD-WPstyle-mod

There might be other modifications available. Feel free to post a comment if you think I missed something 😉

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