Vu+ DUO2 Rumors

Some of you are probably anxiously waiting for arrival of this new beast and here are some rumors that I have taken from around the web.

First I would like to present nice comparison between Solo2 and Duo2. I took the picture from vuplus-support.org forum but I do not know who is the author:

Comparision between Solo2 and Duo2

1. Vu+ already prepared their GIT for DUO2 arrival: http://code.vuplus.com/gitweb/?p=vuplus_openvuplus;a=commit;h=1aa385e36aecb62a04f87e084c039f621d1b0361

2. For official specifications visit Vu+ site: http://www2.vuplus.com/products/dou2manu

3. Price is already official and will be 499EUR for one Dual DVB-S2 and one DVB-C/T tuner!

4. Start of production Duo² is expected to be 24.06.2013. We can expect store availability in early to mid July.

5. No USB 3.0 ports

6. Support for 2x DVB-S2 dual tuner which means you could have 4x DVB-S2 + 1x DVB-C/T box 🙂

7. For information from Anga 2013 please visit this article: https://www.satnigmo.com/2384/anga-2013-report/

If anyone is working for Vu+ distributors or know someone there, please recommend me for test version of this new beast 🙂

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