Anga 2013 Report

Anga 2013 is over and here is the report of new products that manufacturers are going to release this year!

1. Gigablue


Source: forum

Gigablue presented their 800 UE and SE models with removable DVB-S2 tuner! Here are two presentations that they released:

1. Gigablue Prospekt deutsch 2013

2. Gigablue Prospekt englisch 2013

They also presented new remote control.


Source: forum

2. VU+

VU_DUO2_Prospekt VU_DUO2_Prospekt2 VU_DUO2_Prospekt3

VU+ presented Duo2 which is one of the most wanted receiver this year. Specifications do not disappoint, maybe one additional tuner slot wouldnt hurt. One question is image support, especially OpenPLi which is always late with support for new Vu+ receiver.

Main features are:

1. Better CPU (2 cores) with 1,3Ghz,
2. LCD display 3.2″ and another already seen VFD screen,
3. 2x Plug and Play tuners + you can now use 1x Dual DVB-S2 tuner and 1x DVB-C/T tuner which is ideal setup for many users,
4. New remote control – I think they could easily stick with previous version of remote control as users are already used to it, including me,
5. 1GB of flash and 2GB of RAM (working memory) – 1GB of flash is not really needed right now but 2GB of RAM is nice improvement,
6. WiFi is now built-in. No more playing with setting up USB WiFi stick,
7. Power supply is inside receiver

3. Xtrend


Source: forum

They were presenting prototype of their new receiver. It should contain BCM7356 CPU but other details are not known. I will keep you informed when I get more information.

4. E2BMC

E2BMC is interesting combination of XBMC and Enigma 2. We can expect this software to be ready in October 2013 (Q4 2013). For more information visit their website Here is also their video;

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