How to install Sundtek DVB-C/T USB Stick on Enigma 2 receivers

Sundtek recently released application for Windows and MAC in order to make life easier for those who have problems with manual installation of Sundtek drivers. I have to say that installation is not really straight forward and can cause issues with newbies. With the application they also released nicely organized .pdf file (beside instructions how to use application, there are also instructions how to search for channels in Enigma 2 – OpenPLi) which can be downloaded here:

I too own Sundtek DVB-C/T stick but I have to say it could be better. First problem is build quality. It looks and feel really cheap. I paid 60EUR for it and I would expect better build quality. Second problem is reliability. Some frequences on QAM 256 do not work or channels take a very long time to open. Its not that big of a problem for me as these channels are not being watched by me or my family.

EDIT: I have similar problems with frequencies with default Duo 2 DVB-C/T tuner. I guess its signal problem on my end …

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