Repair guide for Vu+ Duo red light problem

Even though I do not use my Duo anymore, I decided to replace infamous C807 capacitor with the new one. Capacitor is known to fail after 2 or more years of everyday operation. What happens if capacitor fails? When the receiver is switched on, it does not boot into Enigma. Instead you get permanent red light with black VFD screen.

What do you need?

1. Tool for soldering and soldering iron. Here is my basic kit:


2. Electrical pliers for removal of old capacitor.

3. New capacitor. I bought this one on ebay: 330uf 25v 105c Panasonic FC Low

Process explanation

1. First you need to cut away old capacitor. Be careful not to cut to much as you will solder new capacitor on leftover pins from old capacitor.

2. Prepare your sholdering tool. When ready, apply soldering iron on the tip of the tool.

3. Grab new capacitor and put it on the base of the old capacitor. Make sure that the negative polarity in connected to the white part of the old capacitor base. Negative polarity on capacitor is labeled with “-” signs. Put some soldering iron on the pins of new capacitor and you should be done. Please check pictures below if you are not sure.


4. Power on the receiver and hope that it will boot without any problems. It is recommended to replace old capacitor before red light appears. If you do not, you can risk failure of not only capacitor but also nearby transistors. In such case new capacitor does not help.

For discussion please visit this thread:

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