Fix for High Bitrate CI Modules and Vu+ Receivers

Vu+ Solo 2 (and probably Duo 2 but not tested yet) has problems with high bitrate CI and CI+ modules. These modules are used by some providers like D-Smart in Turkey and MAX TV in Croatia. Vu+ was informed about this problem but they havent responded yet. Typical Vu+ behavior 😉

Luckily there is one user who managed to fix this problem which is not that big if one user can fix it without access to drivers! Fix can be obtained here:

Fix was primarily made for OpenPLi 3.0 but now it also works with older OpenPLi 1.6. You might try it with other non-PLi based images like BlackHole and VTi but I am not sure if this will work there. Fix 100% fixes high bitrate support for D-Smart and MAX TV CI modules.

If you know about other modules, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

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