Xtread ET-10000 revealed! forum just revealed information about new Xtrend ET-10000 model. More information will be published in following days and weeks. Receiver is based on next generation chipset which is the same as in Vu+ Duo2. If you compare Vu+ Duo2 and ET-10000, you can notice four main differences: 4x rear USB ports, 4 tuner slots (2 of them can be P&P), HDMI in port and two LAN ports. Extra -USB ports and tuner slots seem to be a nice feature. I am not sure about usefulness of HDMI in and two LAN ports. Does Enigma 2 even support two LAN at the same time? I am not sure.

This could become the best receiver on the market with good support. OpenPLi should be supported instantly as Xtrend is using OpenPLi images as their “original” or “shipping” image. With Vu+ this is not the case and OpenPLi still doesnt support Duo 2.


BCM 7424, 1.3 Ghz
NAND Flash: 1 GB
1x USB (front)
Smartcard: 2x
CI Slot: 2x
RCA AV: YPbPr, CVBS, Audio (R/L)
SPDIF: 1x Optical
Tuner: 2x Plug and Play + 2x Plug and Play (option)
USB: 4x (rear)
Ethernet: yes

ET 10000 3 et10k-1


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