Atemio Nemesis is coming to the market

After a few months here is new article from satnigmo 🙂

Atemio Nemesis specs were revealed and they are very promising. We are getting new Vu+, Xtrend rival!

• Digitale Full HD 1080p Triple Linux ontvanger
• BCM7424 Dual Core 2x 1300 MHz Mips Processor
• 3 insteektuners voor DVB-S2 en/of DVB-C/T2 (Plug & Play)
• Flash 2 GB
• RAM 2 GB
• OLED Display
• 2x Conax7 Kaartlezer
• 2x Common Interface
• Gigabit Lan (10/100/1000 MBit compatible Interface)
• HDMI Ingang
• HDMI Uitgang
• Geintegreerde WIFI 2,4 Ghz aansluiting
• YUV Componentuitgang
• 3x USB (1x Voor-, 2x achterkant)
• PVR ready via USB, NAS, SATA intern en extern
• RS 232
• SPDIF uitgang
• 4G LTE geschikt via USB
• Bluetooth geschikt via USB
• Aan/Uit schakelaar

As you can see, Atemio Nemesis is very capable satellite receiver. It is very similar to Vu+ Duo2 actually with even more features (two HDMI ports for example). There are no pictures floating around so there is still a mystery regarding Nemesis design. I hope it will have premium look with good display (Duo2 has horrible VFD display) and functional remote control. Latter one is very important as we have it in our hands all the time.

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