PIMP my PLiHD Skin for OpenPli 4.0

User Talbs from OpenPLi forum released this interesting default OpenPLi skin few months ago. It is basically just a small mod where you can choose between different color layouts which are borrowed from MyMetrix skin, you can also choose different fonts and use SHD picons or in other words, these picons are bigger than usual ones. Users are using these picons with MyMetrix skin but you cannot use it with default OpenPLi skin – PLiHD because you cant put it anywhere!

If you want to download and try it, visit OpenPLi forum ( and download latest .ipk file. I dont know by heart if there is already latest version on OpenPLi official addon server. Below are some old pics. Be aware that author returned to default PLi skin main infobar layout but there is a bit more room for SHD picons, so you can use them without a problem.


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