Vu+ Duo 2 sluggish after some time of operation?

Old Vu+ Duo is known to leak memory and after some time receiver can start working really slowly or it just freezes. Solution is either to have very little EPG (it is stored in memory) or to use one clever little plugin which I will reveal later. I though Duo is the only Vu+ to have problem with memory and speed. I guess I was wrong …

Vu+ Duo 2 is newer version but it sadly suffers from the same problem. After using it for a while remote control becomes unresponsive and image becomes slower overall. I guess Vu+ drivers are again to blame here but it is hard to understand this because Duo 2 has fast CPU and plenty of RAM.

How to fix this annoying problem?

You need to install plugin CacheFlush which is usually available from image feed. In case of OpenPLi you can easily download this plugin from feed. Then you only need to configure it via Addons menu and thats it. You will notice instant improvement in speed after executing this plugin! Sadly I cannot find .ipk file of this plugin but you can manually install it if you visit plugin’s github page.

I am using OpenPLi, so Duo 2 might not have this problem if you use other images.

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