XBMC (Kodi) for Vu+ coming soon!

XBMC or Kodi for Broadcom based satellite receivers is something that satellite community is anxiously waiting to finally appear. XBMC on its own is still not mature enough to be complete substitute for Enigma 2. Vu+ has done some work here (do you remember prismCube?) for ARM architecture but I guess they decided for different approach. Why putting lots of hours into XBMC to create Enigma 2 substitute if you can adapt XMBC to works on MIPS architecture that Vu+ is using in their satellite receivers!

Vu+ decided to do some concrete steps into the right direction. OpenATV teams recently released two videos that are revealing how the alpha XBMC version for Vu+ Solo 2, Vu+ Duo 2 and Vu+ Solo SE works in real life. Vu+ Zero sadly will not support XBMC due to weaker hardware. XBMC can be started like any other E2 plugin. Release date is not known. Check these videos:

EDIT (30.12.2014): BlackHole team announced that they will release first beta image with working XBMC on 30.12.2014. More information here:

VTi beta image is already available on their forum:

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