OScam Anticascading

UPDATED with latest info about this useful function!

This is a quick HOW-TO for those who want to protect your local card after the recent rise of card fakers/stealers. OScam users can take C-line that you have given to them and put it directly to OScam thus bypassing any reshare limits you set in CCcam. They can also go one step further and fake your local with the 256 trick in CCcam versions prior to 2.1.4 (2.1.3,2.0.11, etc.)!! What you need to use is Anticascading!

If you have a peer who is doing re-sharing/faking do the following:

Create a file and put in these lines:
1702:000000 = 10 # interval 10 seconds for provider 1702
1833:000401 = 10 # interval 10 seconds for provider 1833
093B:000000 = 10 # interval 10 seconds for provider 093b
0963:000000 = 10 # interval 10 seconds for provider 0963
0500:000000 = 10 # interval 10 seconds for Viaccess cards
*=7 # interval 7 seconds for all others providers

These are examples that you can use… 10 seconds should be OK for all providers. If not, use 7 for example, or 15!

In your oscam.conf add following lines:

 enabled = 1
 numusers = 1 #1 user is allowed. If oscam detects more then 1 request within 10 Seconds from same user cascading is detected.
 sampletime = 2
 samples = 10
 penalty = 0
 aclogfile = /tmp/oscam_ac.log #important, because you will be able to see, what is OScam doing.
 denysamples = 10 or 9
 fakedelay = 4000 or 2500

In oscam.user, for each guilty user add:
penalty = 1

DO NOT add penalty line for dvbapi user!!!

  • Eso de enviar cws falsas… quien es peor, el que genera un fake, o el que si te pasas te envio una CW falsa…

    El problema no es que jodas a ese usuario, el problema es que jodes a ese usuario y a todos los peers que cuelgan de ese usuario… y empiezas a propagar cws falsas por la red jodiendo a los demas…


    February 16, 2012

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