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I have quite extensive experience with CCcam and i can tell you that the most stable CCcam is 2.0.11! This version is especially good choice when your are using CCcam as a server. If you are using CCcam as a client, you can easly use newest CCcam version, 2.2.1.

In short:

CLIENT ONLY = CCcam 2.2.1

SERVER and CLIENT together = CCcam 2.0.11 or CCcam 2.2.1

SERVER ONLY = CCcam 2.0.11

  • I can’t confirm!
    I’m running 2.2.1 as server since a few month (when it came out) without any problem/crash!
    3 Cards in Load balancing mode (sid assign), and 4 cards from oscam (newcamd) and a lot of cards from csp (also newcamd).
    No crash since the beginning!


    August 16, 2011

  •  Hello,

    I have 2 servers, both with 2.0.11, 1 perfect stability for about 3 month, 2nd crash every few hours.  I clear memory, add USB for swap file, nothing helps. Servers are on Nemesis 2.4 and Nemesis 2.3, both on 800 SE. Do you know any tips to improve stability ?


    May 7, 2012

  • Thanks for your opinion.


    August 17, 2011

  • Maybe you have problematic peer…


    May 7, 2012

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