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IPTV on Dreambox, VU+, Xtrend receivers


My recommendation is that you start using OpenPLi image which supports IPTV on these receivers:
1. All Dreambox supporting Enigma 2 (800, 800HD, 500HD, 8000, 7020HD, perhaps 7025)
2. ClarkeTech / Xtrend ET-5×00, ET-6×00, ET-9×00

Udpxy is also essential part of this and it can be installed on PC, router (if you have Tomato capable router, please consider installing Toastman Tomato mod. This mod already has udpxy installed!) or satellite receiver. Udpxy converts multicast to unicast and and it enables you to use IPTV on all your home devices (mobile phones, PCs, nootebooks, tablets, etc.). If you want to have udpxy installed on your satellite receiver, here are instructions:

1. Download udpxy for MIPS based receivers – CLICK

2. Put udpxy file to /usr/bin folder on your receiver. Use FTP for this. Put 0755 permissions to this file!

3. Download udpxy start script – CLICK

4. Put start script to /etc/init.d folder on your receiver. Use FTP for this. Put 0755 permissions to this file!

5. Now connect to your receiver using telnet (i suggest DCC for E2 software) and execute this command:

ln -s /etc/init.d/udpxy /etc/rc3.d/S99udpxy

6. Restart your receiver. After restart udpxy should automatically start. If you want to change port on which udpxy works, just change this line in start script:

start-stop-daemon -S -b -n udpxy -a /usr/bin/udpxy -- -p 8088

As you can see, default port is 8088. You can change it to something else, its completely your choice.

Lets move on. You will now need these:
1. Notepad ++  editor
2. FTP program (WinSCP, FileZilla, FTP is also included in Dream Control Center program – DCC)
3. DCC-E2 1.41
4. Channel list of IPTV streams that are converted in Enigma2-friendly streams

Now run the DCC program and enter password, username and IP address of the receiver. Username is root and there IS NO password if you are using OpenPLi!!. Once you are successfully connected to your receiver, search for word “Telnet” on the left side of DCC. Then type “init 4″ into console. Now you can use FTP to transfer IPTV channel list to the folder /var/etc/enigma2/. When finished, enter “init 3″. The receiver will reset and the channel list should be seen.

When creating IPTV channel lists be sure to also do this step:
Go to /etc/enigma2 and open file. Add this line into this file:
#SERVICE 1:7:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:FROM BOUQUET “” ORDER BY bouquet is the name of the file which contains channel list. You can rename it of course.

How does Enigma2-friendly channel list with IPTV streams look like?? Here it is:
#SERVICE 1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//
#SERVICE 1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//
#SERVICE 1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//

Bolded numbers are IP and PORT used by udpxy program. If you have udpxy installed on the satellite receiver than you should leave, but if you have udpxy installed on PC or router, you must change IP (IP should match IP of the router or PC). 1234 is default udpxy port. If you are using different port, change this to something different of course. “/udp/″ is IP and port number of a IPTV channel. Every channel has different IP. Port is usually the same for all channels, but not always. It depends on your IPTV provider. EPG doesnt work on these channels because service reference is the same for all channels: “1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:” Service reference can be changed though but this requires too much work!

If you want quickly convert iptv channels from .m3u file to E2 compatible file, please use this converter on my blog!

If you only want to stream between receivers, please use this handy plugin: remotestreamconvert. Its very lightweight plugin and it comes handy when you have following situation:
1. Primary receiver with 8 satellites
2. Secondary receiver with only 4 satellites

Now you can watch channels from other 4 satellites on your secondary receiver!


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