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Block unwanted providers on OScam

Source: http://www.eurocardsharing.com/f373/how-to-filter-out-unwanted-and-or-fake-providers-on-oscam-s-cccam-server-358976

Here is an example how to block unwanted  providers on Oscam CCcam readers.

EXAMPLE: We would like to filter out fake seca and via providers on the CCCam reader. Create new entries in the oscam.services file and add the CAID and Provid which you do not want.


 caid = 0100
 provid = 00331b,00331d,003341,004108,005001,005211,005225
 caid = 0500
 provid = 020820,020a10,020a20,020a30,021120,022f10,024f10,0 25910,030a10,030a20,030a30,030a40,032840,032910,03 2930,032940,032950,040820,040830,041710,042210,042 410,042710,042810

In the server file add an entry called services for a CCCam reader, add the earlier defined entries in the services file and put an “!” in front of it.


 label = Reader label
 protocol = cccam
 device = Host,Server_port
 user = User
 password = Password
 services = !seca_fake,!via_fake

Make sure the the conf file has “reshare_mode” set to “1” in the cccam section!!


 port = server_port
 reshare = x
 ignorereshare = x
 version = x.x.x
 reshare_mode = 1 #This enables you to reshare your local cards and services altogether! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

Connect MGCamd and CCcam

You probably know MGCamd. This is great client EMU that is in my opinion better than CCcam and OScam (as client!!). Configuring is quite easy, you just need to have right instructions. For example, OScam is real pain in the arse when you want to set it up.

Well I prepared a package for you: https://www.satnigmo.com/MGCAMD_1.38_MIPS.rar

Here you will get mgcamd 1.36 for mipsel receivers (VU+, CT and Dreambox receivers) + two config files. One is called mg_cfg, other one is cccam.list. Both files need to be in var/keys

mg_cfg is already edited so it can be used immediately (mgcamd+cccam connection)! What you need to do is to make a C line and copy/paste it in cccam.list file. Easy! I assume you know how to make C line? First you need to make F line on your server side where cccam is running. Then simply make C line from that F line! For more instruction check google 😉

And thats it! You now have MGCamd which is connected to CCcam server. You will see that MGCamd is very fast when it comes to zapping speed 😉




OScam and DVBApi

If you want to use OScam for watching TV (not only for reading cards) you need to add these lines to oscam.conf FILE:

enabled                       = 1
au                            = 1
boxtype                       = dreambox
user                          = local
request_mode                     = 0
reopenonzap                    = 1
# You can also try decodeforever = 1

These lines are not included in configs that you can find on this page. Also this is only for Dreambox/VU+/ClarkeTech receivers. If you want to use dvbapi on other receivers please change this line accordingly:

boxtype                       = dreambox

There are other boytypes! For more information about this “problem”, please visit: http://www.streamboard.tv/wiki/OSCam/en/Config/oscam.conf



How to use Oscam Config Creator


Please use FULL SCREEN view if you want to clearly see what is happening on the screen. Please report if this video helps you! This is my video btw.


Oscam Config Creator Download (24.12.2012)

Oscam Config Creator Fix all the cards that require a BoxID Fix Unitymedia UM02 map updating beta tunnel (in general) Adjustments cards with beta tunnel KD D02 Card: initialization as Nagra Card P02 Sky Map: initialization as Nagra Card Sky card A02: initialization as Nagra Card S02 Sky Map: initialization as Nagra Card Keepalive für ausgehende Newcamd-Verbindungen hinzugefügt Kleinere Anpassungen Cccamd-Protkoll Auto-Overclocking Anpassungen (THX to depp0n) KD D01 Smartcard hinzugefügt Platforma HD Smartcard hinzugefügt Telecolumbus Smartcard hinzugefügt ***-Karten nun auch in den internen Kartenlesern möglich (THX to depp0n) Auswahlbox für den Wert des “ins7e11” Parameters hinzugefügt Parameter “ins7e11” für ***-Karten hinzugefügt Aljazeera Smartcard hinzugefügt Bugfix Deskkey bei Newcamd-Server “cool_timeout_init” for Sky V13 and V23 adds KabelBW (THX to depp0n) Änderungen der Standardwerte für das Webinterface Nagra-Modus für die UM I12 Smartcard hinzugefügt Kleinere Veränderungen bezüglich des Nagra-Modus Anpassung HD+ Karten an aktuelle Oscam-Versionen EMMCache angepasst CWS_Incoming_Port auf “0” gesetzt in newcamd.list Fix G09 Smartcard Neue Methode für Updatecheck Anpassungen CCcam-Server in oscam.conf Zahlreiche Fixes für Karten bezüglich dem Parameter “cool_timeout_after_init” Fix Skylink Karte Anpassung der Parameter “H” und “E” in der mg_cfg Liwest Smartcard hinzugefügt Sky V14 Smartcard hinzugefügt Fix Hilfetexte Fix for SRG card storage configs now in subfolders automatically (date and time) G09 map optimization (THX to depp0n) New dvbapi parameters “decodeforever” added Added HD + HD03 map coolstream.to WebIf Skin 1.2.2 by OneOfNine added Bereiningung “save init history” because deprecated since SVN7128 switch to oscam with dvbapi as standard (THX to depp0n)


Download: https://www.satnigmo.com/Oscam_Config_Creator_3.6.0.162.zip

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