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Golden Interstar XPEED LX Satellite Receivers

Last few months have been quite busy with new satellite receivers based on last generation Broadcom chipsets. This also means they can run Enigma 2 software, usually modified OpenPli image (OpenATV, OpenViX, etc.). Golden Interstar is known brand in some parts of the Europe and they released three receivers:

1. LX1 has 1 tuner and is obviously an entry level receiver,

2. LX2 has 2 tuners, better display, tuner out connector and design of the box is the same as with LX1,

3. LX3 has 4 tuners, 2 are fixed, 2 are changeable. Among all Golden Interstar receivers this is the most appealing one. Specs are very similar to Vu+ Duo 2:

– Full HD Quad / Combo Receiver

– 2x DVB-S2 Fix, 2x DVB-S2 oder 2x DVB-T2/C oder 4x DVB-S2, optional via Plug Tuner
– Linux operating system (E2)
– BCM7424 Dual Core 2x 1300 MhZ


– Transcoding
– Flash 2 GB
– RAM 1 GB
– OLED Display
– 2x Conax7 Kartenleser
– 2x Common Interface
– RJ 45 1GB Ethernet Interface
– HDMI 1.3 Ausgang

– Eingbautes WIFI 2,4 Ghz

– YUV Komponentenausgang
– 3x USB (1xVorder,- 2x Rückseite)
– PVR ready via USB – SATA intern und extern
– RS 232
– SPDIF Ausgang

– 4G LTE
– Bluetooth fähig via USB

I hope that the manufacturer has quality drivers because I know from my past experience that drivers can cause many issues when using the receiver. For images and other information please visit Golden Interstar website: http://www.xpeed-lx.de/



Atemio AM 5200HD preview

Atemio is new brand on satellite receivers market and they decided to start with entry level satellite receiver first. Preview can be found here (i wont copy it, just visit forum, you dont have to be registered): http://www.atemio4you.com/atemio-board/general-information-allgemeine-informationen/59-unpacking-atemio-am-5200-hd.html

Specs are:

-Dualboot TitanNit & Open-Source E2 Linux Operating System
-Fast BCM7358 750 DMIPS 33000 Class Processor
-512 MB NAND Flash Memory
-512 MB DDR3 RAM
-3D ready, HDTV 1080p (Full HD)
-Fanless and compact for better mobility
-Alphanumerical VFD Display
-TWIN-model with 2x DVB-S2 Tuner
-2x Smardcardreader (Conax7)
-1x Common Interface
-Network Attached Storage Capability (NAS)*
-Media Player with support for many media formats
-Many Plugins available for download
-14-day Electronic Program Guide (EPG)*
-Playback of media files from USB- and Network Storage (NAS)
-Many options to customize the System to your own preference
-Full colour, 3D capable and High Resolution Menu and OSD
-Clear Channel-list with favorites and display of upcoming programmes
-Unlimited Channels (TV and Radio) programmable
-Support for TeleText and Subtitles
-Supports Option Channels
-Bluetooth capability via USB
-Wi-Fi Support via USB*
-Blind-Scan Function
-IPTV ready (as Client)
-IP streaming
-Installation of various Images
-Web browser
-Webinterface: Controlling and streaming of AV-Data (including Live TV) to PC and Notebook
-App: Controlling and streaming of AV-Data (including Live TV) to Android and iOS Smartphones and Tablets
-Programmable Universal Remote Control
-Less than 1 Watt power consumption in Deep Standby Modus


HDMI 1.3 Output
1x DVB-S2 Tuner (fixed)
1x DVB-S2 Tuner (Pluggable/replaceable/interchangeable)
2x Smardcardreader (Conax7)
1x Common Interface
10/100 Mbit Ethernet Interface
Scart Output
2x USB (1x front, 1x Rear)
RS 232
SPDIF Output
Power Switch

Dimensions (L x W x H): 258 x 48 x 166 mm

Weight: 0,95 KG

For more information visit Atemio forum: http://www.atemio4you.com/forum.php


Atemio Nemesis is coming to the market

After a few months here is new article from satnigmo 🙂

Atemio Nemesis specs were revealed and they are very promising. We are getting new Vu+, Xtrend rival!

• Digitale Full HD 1080p Triple Linux ontvanger
• BCM7424 Dual Core 2x 1300 MHz Mips Processor
• 3 insteektuners voor DVB-S2 en/of DVB-C/T2 (Plug & Play)
• Flash 2 GB
• RAM 2 GB
• OLED Display
• 2x Conax7 Kaartlezer
• 2x Common Interface
• Gigabit Lan (10/100/1000 MBit compatible Interface)
• HDMI Ingang
• HDMI Uitgang
• Geintegreerde WIFI 2,4 Ghz aansluiting
• YUV Componentuitgang
• 3x USB (1x Voor-, 2x achterkant)
• PVR ready via USB, NAS, SATA intern en extern
• RS 232
• SPDIF uitgang
• 4G LTE geschikt via USB
• Bluetooth geschikt via USB
• Aan/Uit schakelaar

As you can see, Atemio Nemesis is very capable satellite receiver. It is very similar to Vu+ Duo2 actually with even more features (two HDMI ports for example). There are no pictures floating around so there is still a mystery regarding Nemesis design. I hope it will have premium look with good display (Duo2 has horrible VFD display) and functional remote control. Latter one is very important as we have it in our hands all the time.

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