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Black hole prism 1.2.1b for prismcube ruby

Discussion in 'IPbox Prismcube' started by vuplusuno, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. vuplusuno

    vuplusuno Member

    Black Hole Prism 1.2.1B

    What is new ?

    Added uldr.bin.uartboot
    Added OpenVpn
    Added Services Panel
    Added Standby option in Shutdown Menu
    Added NFS connection panel

    The Black Hole Nfs panel allows you to connect your PrismCube to your Nas or your Vu+ boxes very easily. The new mount point will be immediately available in all Xbmc resouces menus: pictures, video, music, programs and system.
    You can also stream tv channels from your Vu+ box via Nfs connections.
    Of course your Vu+ box will need to have the Black Hole image installed and the Nfs server and Tuner Server features active.

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