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Cccam 2.2.1!

Discussion in 'Datoteke' started by OldSkul, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. OldSkul

    OldSkul Guest

    V prilogi image cccam za DM500HD, DM800HD, DM8000 in VU+ SOLO, VU+ DUO!

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  2. Gogo

    Gogo Zlatna sredina

    Kaj je novega???


    -added via 3.0 emu (add working *** in SoftCam.Key)
    -fixed parsing GLOBAL EMM setting
    -fixed occasional freeze (bug since 2.2.0)
    -random loadbalance preference
    -smartcard fixes

    -several smartcard fixes
    -added SCIDEVICES setting (see CCcam.cfg for details)
    -fixed timings display
    -fixed possible crash with SMP
    -don't clear SMARTCARD SID ASSIGN and LOADBALANCE settings when configfile changes (changing these settings requires a restart, so they should not be touched when config is re-read)
    -added SMARTCARD SID REJECT (see CCcam.cfg for details)
    -distribute ASSIGN/REJECT info to clients to improve performance (needs 2.2.0 server and clients)
    -improved detecting when CCcam.cfg has changed
    -added GLOBAL EMM setting (clientside), to control generation of GA EMM traffic (see CCcam.cfg for details)

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