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Doscam v24&v25 dont open redlight hd -mpeg4 - private tv & dorcel

Discussion in 'Viewing Cards Setups' started by digital123, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. digital123

    digital123 New Member

    Hello, hope to have some doscam support.

    I buy a viaccess card and the following channels has to open with the card i buy:

    REDLIGHT HD - MPEG4 (receivable Only with HD receiver)
    Hustler HD 3D - MPEG4 (receivable Only with HD receiver)
    Pinko TV
    D-XTV2 - All the best hardcore actress in action in high quality video.
    SCT4 - MPEG4 (receivable Only with HD receiver) The channel broadcasts the best of italian's Hetero movies with the best actors and actress
    SCT5 - MPEG4 (receivable Only with HD receiver) GAY and Trans movies
    SCT6 - new kinds of hard movies with home made clips
    SCT7 - Hetero movies, asian movies and cartoons for at exclusive mix
    SCT HQ - Best and recently hard movies
    SCT HD - MPEG4 (receivable Only with HD receiver)

    SCT HD channel and Hustler HD are OK, with doscam v24 & v25.
    But Redlight HD, Private and Dorcel wont open!
    The receiver is OK (channellist, firmware and image are up to date).

    When i use emulator: gboxnet 806 fix1
    All channels open local. So the problem is with doscam, cause with gboxnet the card works fine.
    in doscam the card is OK: CARDOK (1 entitlement).

    my doscam config for the card:

    label = Redlight
    protocol = internal
    device = /dev/sci0
    caid = 0500
    detect = cd
    mhz = 500
    ident = 0500:043800
    group = 2
    emmcache = 1,3,2
    audisabled = 1

    Hope someone can help me with the config, or hope that it is fixed in doscam v26....

    ps: my image is TSimage3.0 and if i delete the [mhz = 500] line i have the same problem.
    Hope someone can help me with this... Thx!
  2. digital123

    digital123 New Member

    just tested: with OSCAM ymod1856 build #0 the card works fine. So only with doscam it is not working well......

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