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How to use cline in camad3

Discussion in 'MgCamd Support' started by suleman84, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. suleman84

    suleman84 New Member

    Any Body Tell Me Who I Can Use Cline In Camd3,,I am using Cline in Cccam and Mgcamd Working Fine
    But I am Interst To Use In Camd3 Plz Help Me IN This Matter....
    My Box Name Is Dreambox 500s Pli Image....

    My Cline Look Like this...

    C: knshah.ftp.org 13000 usename and passward...
  2. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    Why have you decided to use camd3? Why not oscam instead?
    suleman84 likes this.
  3. suleman84

    suleman84 New Member

    Dear Because I am Watch Dish tv Nss6 95 e and in Cccam Many Dish tv channels not Working erer show unsupported CAS but i paste my cline in mgcamd like cccamd.list and post these code in replist.list

    X: {{ A101 } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 48f1 } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 48fb } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 48fc } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 48f4 } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 48fa } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 4fa6 } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 48f3 } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 0e0a } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 0ea0 } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 0100 } { 0b00 }}
    X: {{ 48f2 } { 0b00 }}

    than the dish tv channels working

    plz tell me i am using cline in camd3 to live these code .....

    watch channels very easy....
  4. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    Sadly I cant help you with that, i only use Oscam.
    suleman84 likes this.
  5. suleman84

    suleman84 New Member

    Can I Use Cline In OSCAm .....Plz Full Detail Me....
  6. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    I will soon post tutorial about this.

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