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How to watch IPTV channels on E2 receivers?

Discussion in 'IPTV' started by OldSkul, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. bleedheart75

    bleedheart75 New Member

    could you help me to make it work with DM800SE, image openATV

    its dm800se not 800,

    Waiting your reply please
  2. dydyer

    dydyer New Member

    Good evening to all, I followed the tuto for iptv channel, with a receiver Linux 800 mhz, chains(channels) dash(launch) and congeals on image at the end of a few seconds, I have to forget on an other one and so on thanks to you for your help(assistant)....
  3. dydyer

    dydyer New Member

    One more a phantom forum, bye-bye and good time for you....lol..
  4. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    I do not understand what are you writing at all ...
  5. EnoSat

    EnoSat New Member

    Hi, any idea for watch IPTV in e2 if stream on sat.signal ? etc. FAN3 from 30W/10810H

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