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Introduce top 3 cccam prime provider

Discussion in 'CCcam Support' started by dada22, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. dada22

    dada22 New Member

    hi in this post I introduce you top 3 cccam prime provider
    these companies select because their plans for cccam prime is cheaper and faster, no freeze, and so on
    1. https://www.cccamprime.com/
    this site is the main site in this subject and the original is the best [​IMG]
    their plans price start from 7 EUR
    you can try their plans for free only 48 hour
    Cline : C: s1.cccamprime.com 23000 96741115 cccamprime

    Host: s1.cccamprime.com

    Port: 23000

    User: 96741115

    Pass : cccamprime
    2. http://cccamprima.com/cccam48h.html
    this site has the same plans but their speed is very fast
    you can try their plans for free only 24 hour
    C: free.cccamprima.com 25008 gng3j3 free
    3. http://landcccam.com/
    this site is cheaper than others they use powerful servers
    you can try their plans by ticketing
    their plans start from 5 EUR

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