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Oscam and CSP cache exchange right configuration

Discussion in 'Other Topics' started by klivo, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. klivo

    klivo New Member

    Hi ..
    i need help about this configuration"

    1, i have oscam read 8 local cards
    2, have other oscam - this is only CCcam client - reshare from my friend
    3, have bowman CSP

    i set in all readers and 2 oscam cache pull .. in csp section i set valid server Ip and port. In CSP script section clustered cache i send way on cluster file and i see in CSP:

    Cache-Handler: com.bowman.cardserv.ClusteredCache
    avg-received-bytes/s: 0
    avg-sent-bytes/s: 43
    cache-peers: 8
    cached-ecms: 8
    instant-hits: 2
    pending-ecms: 0 (peak: 3)
    received-cached: 0
    received-discarded: 0
    received-pending: 0
    received-resendreqs: 0
    sent-cached: 1367
    sent-pending: 1375
    sent-resendreqs: 6
    sent-resends: 0
    timeouts: 12
    tracker-failures: 0
    wait-hits: 0

    and this is picture from one Oscam reading local cards


    is this valid config or must use other mode cacheex ?
    BTW: all my users (friends) connect onlz direct via CSP and mgcamd protocols .. 1.Oscam i use only for cardreaders . 2 ocam conect to cccam line and translate this to newcamd ports and CSP conected on this ports..
  2. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    Hmm, i dont know nothing about CSP connections, i only use oscam cache-ex

    Maybe someone else can help you!
  3. klivo

    klivo New Member

    thx for reply... i ask bowman
    one last question .. cacheex work too on local reader or must be strictly two oscam/cccam conectors ?

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