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Oscam servid not found

Discussion in 'Other Topics' started by kmitnick, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. kmitnick

    kmitnick New Member

    Hi all, I use oscam and cccam to test my premium card but I have problemms with some channels...
    What's the problem? I use old version of oscam, OSCAM 1.20-unstable_svn build #5988.

    Can you help me?

  2. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    Which card? And try newest oscam too.
  3. kmitnick

    kmitnick New Member

    SkyCard 002... I changed servid but now I don't see other channels too... Where I can download provid, servid, tier and other updated files? There are important for view the channels?
  4. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    Delete all these files servid, etc., they are not important. You have sky de 1702 card? If so, you need to use betatunneling for hd channels.

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