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Repair guide for vu+ duo red light of death problem

Discussion in 'Receivers' started by OldSkul, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

  2. gimic

    gimic New Member


    Tnx for the article, please mention in the article that the capacitor that needed replacement is a 220uF 16V one. I was confused when i didn't find the 330uF 25V. I went on other fora looking for the answer ;-)

    Now i't boots again, mine was a V2.3 made in 2010

  3. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    You didnt find the one mentioned in my article? Strange. Capacitors should be available on ebay easily.

    Sent from my HTC One
  4. gimic

    gimic New Member

    hey, i did find the right one (the place) on the board, the one that is originally soldered on the board is 220uF, there was my confusion. i replaced it with a 330uF as told in your article (found it on an old motherboard)
  5. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    oh i see. Nice that you fixed the problem. I replaced capacitor before even having a problem, just in case.
  6. Bob lauder

    Bob lauder New Member

  7. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    I think pictures are clear enough ;)
  8. fifa1988

    fifa1988 New Member


    i have a vu+ solo 2 (not a clone) my problem is that it wont turn on noting appears on the front LCD only light that comes on is the blue/purple one on the left of the LCD tried flashing it but no good i haven being reading on google that the mother board may need changing do ye do part for these boxes and maybe ye might have a different solution to my problem thank you
  9. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    My Duo 1 is still working after all these years. But you can easily notice that it doesnt have enough RAM for these days. You can hardly use it. Some cheap boxes like Zgemma are better choices nowadays.

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