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Setting 3 4x1 diseqc switches

Discussion in 'Dish and Diseqc Setup' started by taikon, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. taikon

    taikon New Member

    I have 10 lnbs on 3 4x1 diseqs EMP-centauri v2.0. The outputs go to another same type diseqc.

    My receiver is dm8000 ferrari sim, with Domica 8 image on it. I tried all the possible settings for lnbs but couldnt download channels apart from the lnb 1.

    Is that because of diseqc v2.0 ? Must the last diseqc, before dm, be v1.1 and not v2.0?

    Thx in advance
  2. xyrius

    xyrius New Member

    on my dm800se 4 lnbs is the max i can get and it works fine
    better way is use external switch
    try this ...don t know if it work

    Enigma2 8 DiSEqC configuration

    Configuration Mode = advanced
    Satellite = Hotbird 13E (Chnage satellite name here)*
    Voltage mode = Polarization
    Tone mode = Band
    LNB = LNB 8 (Change LNBs 1-8)*
    DiSEqC mode = 1.1
    Toneburst = None
    Committed DiSEqC command = none
    Fast DiSEqC = no
    Sequence repeat = Yes
    Command order = uncommitted, committed, toneburst
    Uncommitted DiSEqC command = Input 8 *
    (Change LNB input here 1-8)
    DiSEqC repeats = none
    LOF = Universal LNB
    Increased voltage = yes (for long cables)
    Polarity = Auto
    Tone Amplitude = 800mV

    see also
    DiSEqC( 8/1) (16/1) switch configuration for Dreambox (Enigma 1)(Enigma 2)
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013

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