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The Definitive Guide for OScam Cache-EX

Discussion in 'CacheEX Support' started by SoftCam, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    I will release it soon but it will be available only for registered users!
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  2. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    Here it is. It explains mode 3 very well!
  3. Jotne

    Jotne New Member

    There is a small error in this tutorial.

    In the "USER B" config the label "oscam.server" is misplaced.
    It should come after "port = 12555 or something else" and before label "reader"
    You have put the local card reader config in "oscam.conf" and not in "oscam.server"
  4. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    thanks, will fix
  5. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    Here is updated version!
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  6. furiaceka

    furiaceka New Member

    Thanks for your hard work
  7. wmldnl

    wmldnl New Member

    Bedankt voor deze uitleg
  8. alexis21

    alexis21 New Member

  9. roni1b

    roni1b New Member

  10. bertran

    bertran New Member

    Great job! Well done!
  11. snake

    snake New Member

    Nice! Thanks dude!
  12. JDavid22

    JDavid22 New Member

    ohhh thank you...the best
  13. klivo

    klivo New Member

    big thanks
  14. pengky86

    pengky86 New Member

    I proud to you
  15. conrad666

    conrad666 New Member

  16. Motogato

    Motogato New Member

  17. zaator

    zaator New Member

    thanks for your help
  18. fazers

    fazers New Member

    Good-evening , many thanks for this great job ;) .
    Good-evening .
  19. mudux

    mudux New Member

    thanks for the article
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  20. beeheap

    beeheap New Member


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