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Tutorial - how to attach epg to iptv channels in iptv

Discussion in 'IPTV' started by OldSkul, May 24, 2014.

  1. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

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  2. Mali

    Mali New Member

  3. dreamboxco

    dreamboxco New Member


    i use OE 2.o Image and want use EPG for IPTV Channels
    As Plugin is cross epg at the Box. I cant see EPG for the Channel here

    i am create test.sources.xml in etc/epgimport

    <?xml version=”1.0&#8243; encoding=”latin-1&#8243;?>
    <source type=”gen_xmltv” channels=”test.channels.xml”>
    <description>Test XMLTV</description>

    Test.channels.xml in etc/epgimport
    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”latin-1″?>
    <channel id=”ATV”>1:0:1:10CE:C670:7E:460000:0:0:0:http%3a//example.com</channel> <!– ATV –>
    IPTV Channel
    #SERVICE 4097:0:1:10CE:C670:7E:460000:0:0:0:rtmp%3a//edge03-01.az.myvideo.az/dvrh264/atvturk/mp4%3aatvturk swfUrl=http%3a//www.myvideo.az/dvr/dvrMute.swf?v=1.91 live=1 pageUrl=http%3a//www.myvideo.az/?act=dvr&chan=atvturkedge03-01.az:ATV
    SAT TV
    #SERVICE 1:0:1:10CE:C670:7E:460000:0:0:0:

    rytec_turkey_xmltv.conf in /usr/crossepg/providers

    description=Test XMLTV
  4. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    I am using OpenPLi, so I can only give support if you use OpenPLi.
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  5. jatin

    jatin New Member

    Hello Oldskul,

    I exacltly follwed all steps from How to attach EPG to IPTV channels in OpenPLi - Satnigmo.com to display epg info for testing. But here the planetTv is displayed in channel list and it plays but doesn't give epg info.

    I opened epgimport plugin and checked the source. in source i found "Test XMLTV", means what i did, it is reflected. but though doesn't display epg info when i click on 'show epg for planet tv', it says "sorry no items found."

    I am using OpenPLi.

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    Last edited: Jan 31, 2015
  6. wolf1978

    wolf1978 New Member

    Does this also works for http streams?
  7. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    You need to try, usually the main problem is that the picture is black after altering service id. It depends on used image.
  8. wolf1978

    wolf1978 New Member

    I use openpli. Which you recommend on several occasions...
    The box is vu+ SOLO2, vu+ ZERO, Xtrend et6000
  9. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    Openpli is the right one
  10. wolf1978

    wolf1978 New Member

    Still i cant get it to work. I tried it on RTL DE (Germany)

    This is iptv.channels.xml
    <?xml version=”1.0? encoding=”latin-1??>
    <channel id=”RTL.de”>1:0:19:ef10:421:1:c00000:0:0:0:http%3A//example.com</channel> <!– DE RTL –>
    <channel id=”RTL.de”>1:0:19:ef10:421:1:c00000:0:0:0:http%3A//example.com</channel> <!– RTL –>

    I don't know if the name DE RTL and RTL matters. Also if it changes something when i add it twice.
    Does the name match the channel name precisely or it can be what you make of it?
    I understood that the example.com could be left as is. Because it is needed to start the recording for the stream.

    channels sources

    <?xml version=”1.0? encoding=”latin-1??>
    <source type="gen_xmltv" channels="iptv.channels.xml">
    <description>Test XMLTV</description>
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
  11. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    1:0:19:ef10:421:1:c00000:0:0:0: is the channel ref from real RTL channel on 19.2 sat??
  12. wolf1978

    wolf1978 New Member

    As it appears from the id i took of rytec.
  13. cyclone76

    cyclone76 New Member

    Does anyone has the link to have french csat channels for xtream-codes ?
    Best regards

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