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What is OSCam Cache exchange.

Discussion in 'CacheEX Support' started by Jotne, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Jotne

    Jotne New Member

    It should be better explains what is OSCam Cache-ex?
    Whats are the benefits for me?
    Is it the same as card sharing?
  2. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    Cache is good if you want to have less stress on your cards or cards of your clients. For example, someone is giving you 0963 and this card is very used. With cache(ex) this card will get less ecm requests and therefore less freezes.

    Problem is that cacheex is CPU and memory intensive and you should better use it on Linux PC Server.
  3. xyrius

    xyrius New Member

    hi softcam
    i have only "payserver" cards on ubuntu server. 3 boxes in local share.
    can i use cacheex mode 3 ?

  4. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    why not? Everyone can use cache-ex, you just need good cache-ex partners. Without lots of cache, this is useless!
  5. xyrius

    xyrius New Member

    p4 3ghz 1gb ram can do the job ?
  6. SoftCam

    SoftCam Administrator

    YES! But PC power isnt the only thing you need to watch out for.

    You also need to use the right config in order to reduce your internet bandwith consumption. It can easly happen that you use all your internet bandwith!!!

    I just created new blog about oscam cache-ex settings. Please visit it!
  7. tvyk

    tvyk New Member

    many thanks
  8. vuplusuno

    vuplusuno Member

    Excelente, thanks mate1
  9. jerbi

    jerbi New Member

    good setting will reduce your internet bandwith consumption
  10. OldSkul

    OldSkul Administrator Staff Member

    Of course. Although bandwidth consumption can be very high with lots of clients. I abandoned cache exchange due to little benefit in my case.

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