Compile OScam with SimpleBuild Script

I just stumbled upon SimpleBuild script which is made by user Gorgone from StreamBoard forum. This script simplifies compiling OScam for different platforms. Yep, now we can easily make OScam binary for MIPS (Vu+, Dreambox, Xtrend, Gigablue, Clarke-Tech), SH4 and AZBOX receivers for example. There are also toolchains for other platforms like routers, RaspberryPi, x64 and x86 PCs, etc. I decided to test this script and test-compiled two binaries, one for my Ubuntu X86 server and one for my Vu+ Duo satellite receiver with latest OpenPLi 3.0. Installing SimpleBuild script is pretty straightforward and does not demand a lot of knowledge. Here are steps for Ubuntu users (connect to your server using Putty and SSH connection):

cd /opt
mkdir simplebuild
cd simplebuild
wget (as alternative try: wget -O – | bash)
chmod 777 simplebuild
./simplebuild debinstall
./simplebuild menu

After entering last command, you are brought to the home screen of this script. It looks like this:


Here you can select LATEST which means that script will download latest revision of OScam. You can select NO_CHECKOUT which will use previously used OScam revision. And you can also select CHOOSE where you can enter your desired OScam revision. This is handy when you want to compile older OScam revision for testing purposes. After pressing LATEST we get this screen:


I suggest that you first select ADD or NATIVE if you want to compile OScam for your PC (if you are running this script on Linux server). In my case, I first added toolchain for MIPSOE20 receivers and then I selected option NATIVE which built OScam for my Ubuntu server where I am currently running my OScam server. When you press option ADD, you get this screen:


MIPSOE20 is not present here because I downloaded it before taking this picture. When you start SimpleBuild for the first time, you can choose from the complete list of toolchains. After downloading desired toolchain, you are brought to this screen:


Here you can configure some additional options like disabling/enabling certain OScam modules, etc. After you finish with that, you need to select option BUILD which starts compiling process. In my case, compiling took about 1 minute but this depends on your CPU power. Here are pictures where you can configure these options:



LIBUSB is (usually) needed if you have Smargo cardreader(s). PCSC is needed if you have Omnikey or other PCSC compatible cardreaders. These two options are the most important ones. I, for example, do not use Smargos or Omnikeys on my Vu+ Duo therefore i did not select anything here. TIP: In order to select desired option, you need to press “SPACE” button on your keyboard.

If you want to exit from SimpleBuild, just press button “EXIT”.


Gorgone did really great job here and compiling OScam is now easier task than ever. You can compare this process with process which is written in my other compiling tutorials. Not only that SimpleBuild is easier to use, you can also easily compile OScam for different platforms, you can select/deselect different OScam modules, etc. As you can see, this script enables you to configure many many different options. Currently there is nothing better out there!

For discussion please visit this thread here:


Oscam and Gbox

Tutorial about OScam and Gbox is comming soon. I am waiting for new patches to be added to OScam trunk!



Oscam and Loadbalancer

Loadbalancing feature in OScam helps to determine which of the configured readers should be used to serve an ECM request. This is especially handy if you have two identical local cards or large number of cccam/newcamd or other readers. I will present you my loadbalancing configuration that i use on my OScam server.

First you need to visit global/loadbalancer section of WebIF. Then search for these settings:

lb_mode                       = 1
lb_save                       = 100
lb_reopen_mode                = 1
lb_savepath                   = /usr/local/etc/stats

lb_mode = 1 means that the weight for a reader is divided by the average response time of requests sent to the reader, i.e. lower average response time means higher priority. My recommendation is that you use mode 1.

lb_save = 100 means that stats file is updated every 100 ecm. If you have OScam on your PC (more CPU power) than you can decrease this setting to 50 or even lower. If you have OScam on satellite receiver then you should leave default value which is 100.

lb_reopen_mode = 1 is my recommended setting.

lb_savepath can be changed. I use /usr/local/etc/stats but you can use something else if you want or need.

You do not need to change anything else here. Now you need to visit reader part of WebIF and modify lb_weight value. I suggest that you put lb_weight = 300 if you have local cards. This means that these local cards will have priority over normal readers (cccam/newcamd/camd35, etc.). For other readers you can just leave default value which is 100. If you have 0100 Cyfra local card, you probably do not want that OScam uses this card from cccam readers. Well, loadbalancing will help you achieving this goal.


I think I covered all loadbalancing basics and you are now good to go. If you have any questions, please use “Contact Us” form or leave a comment!


Where to find information?

Recently i removed all articles where i had for different TV providers. Why? Because these files can quickly become obsolete and i dont have time to maintain all of them! I recommend that you rather use Creator or visit these three pages where users are frequently updating for different TV providers:


Post Creator

This is very useful program for creating oscam.service files. It can get channels information from their own server (1), from our own oscam.srvid file (2), from receiver (3) or from Kingofsat website (4). I assume that most of you will select options 1,2 or 4. Which satellite packages are supported? Many, here is the list if you select their server (1): HD+, AustriaSat, Canal Digitaal, Cyfra+, Polsat, DigitAlb, , Digital+, Digiturk, KabelBW, Kabelkiosk, KD, MAX TV, MTV Unlimited, Nova, NTV Mir, ORF, Penthouse HD, Platforma HD, RTVi, Sky, Sky Italia, TNTSAT, Tivusat, Tring, TV Vlandereen, UnityMedia, Viasat, Zon

If you select Kingofsat website, you can only select these packages: Sky Germany, HD+,ORF, AustriaSat and UnityMedia

You can even select which channels you want to include in service file. Nice feature!

How to use Creator

There is only one .exe file that you need to open. You get blue window with text in German language. Click on “Quelldatei wahlen”, then you get 4 options to choose from. Option 1 gets oscam.srvid file from their server, option 2 enables you to select your own oscam.srvid file, option 3 gets info from your receiver and downloads channel info from Kingofsat website!

Then you need to click START button on the bottom right site of blue window. You will get new window with all kinds of options to select. I think you wont have any problems using this program in this stage. You just have to select your satellite TV package, CAID, provid and desired channels and you are done!

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