How to use SSH without password / Complete Putty tutorial for Enigma 2

Putty is popular ssh / telnet client and in this tutorial for Windows we will setup it in a way that you will be able to connect to your Enigma2 receiver. As a bonus you will be able to connect without using any passwords. This tutorial is working not only for Enigma2 receivers but also for other Linux-based devices.

Lets start. First download Putty application from official website and install it.

Once you install it, open it. You should get this window. My “Saved sessions” list is already populated with devices that I connect to.

It may happen that you will not be able to connect with SSH to your Enigma2 receiver. Why? Because password for it is not set! You can fix this by using telnet. You can see this option below “Connection type”. Enter IP of your receiver and select Telnet. Click “Open”. You get this window:

Type “root” and you should get promt for password. For brand new image install there is no password. Just press enter and you should be able to login to your box. Next step is to type “passwd”. With this command you will type new password in order to use ssh. Password will also work for telnet if you will use it.

You can use Putty now to connect to your receiver using SSH. Open Putty again and type IP of your receiver again. Select SSH as “Connection type”. You can already click “Open” and new windows should open with prompt for user and password. Type “root” and password you selected earlier.

I suggest that you save every device/IP you plan to use regularly. As you can see I have quite a lot of devices, three Vu+ receivers, etc. Just enter name under “Saved Sessions” and click “Save”. All settings should be now saved under desired name.

Lets continue with setting up Putty to be able to use SSH without passwords. You will now have to use another small application which you get when you install Putty. Its called PuTTYGen.

Open it. You should get this window:

You need to hover with your mouse over the blank area. While moving your mouse/cursor, key is generating. Interesting approach … When key is generated, you get this:

Click “Save private key” and save it to your hard drive. Now copy the whole key for last step which will be at the end of this tutorial – very important! Go back to Putty and click on one of the saved sessions (in my case duo1). Then click “Load”. You will see that IP appears. This means settings are loaded.

Pay attention to the left side now:

Click on “Data” under “Connection”. You will get this:

Type “root” in “Auto-login username” field. Now search for SSH on the left side and click it. It will expand. Now click “Auth”, you should get this:

Click on Browse and select key that you saved before. Now go back to “Session”:

Click your device that you are setting up and then click “Save”. Settings are now saved!

Last step

Go back to the PuTTY window and connect to your receiver with old user/pass method. Then type:

mkdir .ssh


cat > .ssh/authorized_keys

Now paste the text (private key) that you copied earlier in PuTTYgen app, by right-clicking inside the window. The key text should appear. Press ENTER to end the input line, and press CTRL-D to close the file. You are done. You should now be able to connect to your device without inputing username and password.

Any comments? Visit my forum: https://www.satnigmo.com/forum/index.php?threads/how-to-use-ssh-without-password-complete-putty-tutorial-for-enigma-2.3499/


HD+ package gratis for 3 months (starting from 06.04.2020)

HD+ German satellite package is now gratis (free) for 3 months due to “coronacrisis”. If you have some old and expired HD+ nagra smartcard you can activate it again. I had HD02 card (caid: 1843) in my drawer and it works! You have time till 28.04.2020 to activate your card and get 3 months for free.

What you need to do?

Just follow instructions on their website: https://www.hd-plus.de/themen/zuhause

Here is also some text in German if it will be easier for you to understand.

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Deine Vorteile:

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Forum is again activated

Hello visitors!

I reactivated forum again, maybe it will be useful again in the future. I bet that the most visited section will be IPTV one.



Using ZeroTier VPN with Enigma 2 receivers

Are you using two or more E2 receivers on different locations and you want to connect them with the goal of streaming channels from primary location to other locations? ZeroTier might be a solution for you. Please visit their website for first impressions.

This is alternative to OpenVPN which is the most known VPN solution. Problem with OpenVPN is that it is not straight forward and demands some knowledge to set up properly. ZeroTier states on their website: “Most users will find that ZeroTier installs in minutes and “just works.”” As with OpenVPN, ZeroTier also establishes private encrypted virtual network (VPN) between all devices in ZeroTier network. Currently ZeroTier supports Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux and FreeBSD. Enigma 2 (in my case OpenPLi) is based on linux but you cannot just download ipk file on ZeroTier website and install it. You need to build working ZeroTier client from source or if you are luckly, image already offers ZT via feed. I decided to test this solution with my E2 receivers and other devices that I have on different locations.

ZeroTier for is completely free for normal home use. Actually, you can connect up to 100 devices and you wont have to pay anything! They also offer subscription plans, but you wont need them. ZeroTier full functionality is available for free.

There are two pages on ZT website that are important for you. One is Download page, another is their portal/web control page. First I suggest you sign up and create new ZT network. For more information how to do this, I suggest you check their wiki page. It will help you to understand everything better. If you prefer YT, here is one video you can check:

Next step is to download client for your PC, in my case client for Windows 10. Installs and works fine, it should be the same also in your case.

Now that you created your network and downloaded/installed ZeroTier client, you probably already successfully connected your PC to your ZT network. Check ZT portal if new device was detected and which IP was assigned. You can choose different IP ranges, I suggest you use the one that you are familiar with. I am using 192.168.192.x range which is similar to 192.168.1.x which I usually use. Do not forget that you can set your network to be public or private. If you choose to be private, all new clients in your ZT network will have to be manually confirmed. If you choose to be public, than anyone with your unique network ID can connect to your network without any confirmation from your part.

I wont forget about E2 receivers, don’t worry. Setting up ZeroTier with E2 is quite easy, I will assume that you have basic knowledge about SSH (I suggest Putty) and FTP (I suggest WinSCP). Please visit this thread on OpenPLi forum for basic information, you can also download some ipk files that are posted there. With OpenPLI 7.2 ZeroTier is available to install directly via OpenPLi feed (opkg install zerotier). Below you can also download directly (thanks to Jungle-Team).

Transfer ipk to tmp folder of your receiver and install it. I assume you know how to do all of this, so I wont get into details. After installing, restart enigma and after restart ZT should be already working in the background. There is not GUI, your next step will be using telnet/ssh in order to input one specific command to connect this new ZT client (E2 box) to your ZT network. Command is:

zerotier-cli join <yournetworkID>

If everything OK, “200 join OK” should appear. Please login to ZT portal and check if new device was added to your ZT network. Confirm it (if you have chosen to be “private”) and check which IP was assigned to this new device. With this IP you can access your E2 receiver anywhere you want. Just be sure that device you use to access E2 receiver is also in ZT network.

If you want to leave network, use this command:

zerotier-cli leave <yournetworkID>

What is the main benefit of using ZT with E2 receiver? You can for example stream channels from one to another device in your ZT network WITHOUT using port forwarding in your router and exposing OpenWebif port to the public (this is extreme security risk, you receiver can be easily hijacked). For more information about OpenWebif, please check OpenPLi wiki page.

You can for example have your primary receiver in your house and then stream channels to your other locations or you can share them with your friends, etc. If you use OpenPLi you can use their built-in fallback functionality which means you can add IP of your primary receiver in ZT network to your other E2 receivers and all channels and also EPG (if you select this option) will be synchronized.

For more information about fallback, please visit OpenPLi wiki page. Alternative to fallback remote receiver feature is “remote stream converter” plugin. You can also try this one if you do not use OpenPLi or OpenPLi/OE-A based images.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on my email address support “at” satnigmo.com. You can also discuss this article on my forum: https://www.satnigmo.com/forum/index.php?threads/streaming-channels-using-zerotier-vpn.3497/


How to install .ipk file on Enigma 2 receivers (OpenPLi) – REVISED 2019 VERSION

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