Connect OScam with CCcam using CCcam protocol

This tutorial will be short. It is intended for people who have CCcam central server (Linux PC for example) and receivers with OScam which act as clients. Protocol which is used between OScam and CCcam is good old CCcam 🙂

Put these lines in oscam.server:

label                         = remote
protocol                      = cccam
device                        =,12333  #Change these two settings according to your setup. 12333 is port of my CCcam server. If OScam and CCcam runs on same receiver, just use instead of regular 192.168.x.x IP address!
user                          = test #You will have to create F line in CCcam.cfg with username and password that you used here!
password                      = testxxx
group                         = 1
emmcache                      = 1,3,2

This config is basic but you dont need additional (more advanced) settings. It works just fine! If you want faster zapping, then i recommend that you setup oscam.dvbapi file!

In CCcam.cfg create this line:

F: test testxxx 2 0 0 { 0:0:1 }

2 0 0 means that your receiver will get your local cards (if you have them), hop 1 and hop 2 cards. If you have server with only hop1 cards, you can just use 1 0 0

0 0 1 means that your receivers cannot share to other receivers. Thats ok, because you dont need reshare in your house. Reshare (0 0 2) is usually needed if you are sharing with clients outsite your house.

Thats it, for more info use comments.

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