Connect OScam with CCcam using Camd35 protocol

You will have to edit or create three files: oscam.conf, oscam.user and CCcam.cfg!


[cs357x] #DO NOT USE [camd35] as this is obsolete in newer oscams!
port = 15991 #this is an example, you can use different numbers
serverip = #this is your IP of your server where you have your OScam running!


User = test
Pwd = test2
Group = x #same as in oscam.server file
AU = xxx #same as in oscam.server file. You can use this universal settings: AU=1

L: 15991 test test2 0b00 000000 256

First number is IP address of your server. In my case its, you can also use if you have CCcam and OScam running on the same receiver or server. Then there are port number (15991) and username(test)/password(test2).

At the end there is CAID number and provider ID of your package and you can also optionally add 256. This means that your card will show as local in CCcam. Same trick as with Newcamd protocol! Pretty neat, right?

Camd35 is considered to be better than Newcamd. The biggest limitation of Newcamd is that it only support one caid per port. For every caid you need to create different port. Pretty annoying! Camd35 on the other hand support more caids per port.

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