How to properly install omnikey readers on Ubuntu

I use omnikey readers with OScam and I had many problems with readers detection especially after cold boot or after reboot of my ubuntu 12.04 32bit server. Therefore I decided that it is finally time to do some research and try to fix annoying detection problem in OScam. You need to do the following:

1. Use WinSCP and connect to your receiver using SCP connection. Search for /etc/opensc/opensc.conf file and replace it with this one here: https://www.satnigmo.com/opensc.rar

Then you need to double click on it and file should open in WinSCP internal file editor or in external one, it depends on WinSCP settings. Search for “provider_library = /lib/libpcsclite.so.1” line and replace it with “provider_library = /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libpcsclite.so.1” if you have 32bit Ubuntu or replace it with “provider_library = /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu-linux-gnu/libpcsclite.so.1” if you have 64bit Ubuntu. After succesful editing save the file and go to the next step.

2. Search for /etc/init.d/pcscd and double click on it. Then you need to search for these lines:

# if you need to pass arguments to pcscd you should edit the file
# /etc/default/pcscd and add a line
# DAEMON_ARGS=”–your-option”

Please change these lines to:

# if you need to pass arguments to pcscd edit to:
# /etc/default/pcscd and add a line

This will prevent never ending logging to /var/log/messages file!

This should be it. After these steps your omnikeys should work without any problems. Do not forget to execute these commands before doing anything: “apt-get update&apt-get upgrade”. If you dont know how to install omnikey drivers, just execute these commands and readers should start working: “apt-get install opensc pcscd libccid pcsc-tools”

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