Block unwanted providers on OScam

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Here is an example how to block unwanted  providers on Oscam CCcam readers.

EXAMPLE: We would like to filter out fake seca and via providers on the CCCam reader. Create new entries in the oscam.services file and add the CAID and Provid which you do not want.


 caid = 0100
 provid = 00331b,00331d,003341,004108,005001,005211,005225
 caid = 0500
 provid = 020820,020a10,020a20,020a30,021120,022f10,024f10,0 25910,030a10,030a20,030a30,030a40,032840,032910,03 2930,032940,032950,040820,040830,041710,042210,042 410,042710,042810

In the server file add an entry called services for a CCCam reader, add the earlier defined entries in the services file and put an “!” in front of it.


 label = Reader label
 protocol = cccam
 device = Host,Server_port
 user = User
 password = Password
 services = !seca_fake,!via_fake

Make sure the the conf file has “reshare_mode” set to “1” in the cccam section!!


 port = server_port
 reshare = x
 ignorereshare = x
 version = x.x.x
 reshare_mode = 1 #This enables you to reshare your local cards and services altogether! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

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