Oscam Check Scripts

In this article i will present you OScam check script that i use and works without any problems. I use it on Ubuntu but it was 100% reliable on Fedora too. Script simply checks if process oscam is still present in your system. If not, script restarts your OScam. Make sure that your OScam executable is named “oscam”. It also needs to have 755 permissions! I hope that this copy/pasted script works OK. If not, please leave a comment!

LOGIN="root" PW="dreambox" IP="" PORT="16002"
  curl -s --digest -o - -u $LOGIN:$PW "http://$IP:$PORT/status.html?hideidle=0" | grep "$STR" > $FOO
       printf "Checking for ERRORS ...\n";
  if [ -s $FOO ]; then
    printf "\033[37;32mOscam working OK\033[37;40m\n";
      printf "\033[37;31mOscam ERROR!\033[37;40m\n";
    /usr/local/bin/oscam -b > /dev/null
rm -f $FOO
exit 0

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