CCcam to CCcam Tutorial

How to connect two CCcams using two receivers. Easy!

Lets say we have Receiver 1 (R1) and Receiver 2 (R2). IP address of R1 (primary receiver – server) is, IP address of R2 (secondary receiver – client) is

In R1 we add this line in CCcam.cfg (you can get it on my blog, please use search in order to find it):

F: server test 2 0 1 { 0 0 2 }

In R2 we add in CCcam.cfg this line:

C: 11111 server test no

11111 is port but this doesnt really matter, because we will be sharing only in our own house not with outside world 😉

Thats it. This is basic tutorial for homesharing with CCcam. You will maybe start to ask yourself what does 2 0 1 { 0 0 2 } mean. Well lets say that you dont need to know anything else, especially if you are the beginner. For more info you will have to visit more detailed tutorials about CCcam which can be found on my site too!

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