CCcam Tutorial Collection

I have many CCcam tutorials on my site and i would like to collect all CCcam guides into one post. In this way you will find useful information easier than before. Lets start with a few general CCcam tutorials. I recommend Quick C-line tutorial. Here you can find all info that you need if you are CCcam beginner.

If you want quick totorial about connecting two receivers using CCcam, please check this CCcam to CCcam tutorial. This is intended for those who are cardsharing at home (homesharing).

CCcam.cfg file is important component of CCcam. If you want to get example file i recommend that you visit article CCcam.cfg Example. This is very simple version, and in many cases you dont need anything else!

Are you using OScam as cardreader and you would like connect OScam with CCcam? Here are a few useful articles about this. You can connect OScam with CCcam using Camd35 protocol, using Newcamd protocol or using CCcam protocol!

If you are one of those who uses MgCamd as client and CCcam as server, then you can check out this tutorial.

I think I covered all expect of beginners cardsharing. Enjoy and if you have any question, please leave a comment!

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