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How to attach EPG to IPTV channels in OpenPLi

EPG for IPTV channels has been an common request for many years now but I simply abandoned this area because I havent been successful with attaching EPG to IPTV channels. Athoik from OpenPLi forum faced the same problem last year but as he has coding abilities he was able to fix the issue in OpenPLi. From the 20.12.2013 we can attach or append EPG to IPTV channels but this requires some manual work (also using FTP) and is not for complete E2 noobs.

Here is short tutorial for all who want to finally see EPG on your favourite IPTV channels which are getting more and more popular:

1. Create test.channels.xml file using Notepad++ and add this test content:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”latin-1″?>
<channel id=”PlanetTV.sl”>1:0:1:E:10:1:FFFF0000:0:0:0:http%3a//example.com</channel> <!– Planet TV –>

http%3a//example.com part at the end is mandatory and you should not change it. XMLTVimport needs the http%3a// (whatever) just to start a fake recording and then to import EPG.

1:0:1:E:10:1:FFFF0000:0:0:0: is real channel reference for channel Planet TV on local DVB-C network. You can also use reference from channel on satellite (DVB-S/DVB-S2) or regular antenna (DVB-T/T2).

PlanetTV.sl is the real channel id which you can get if you open rytec.sources.xml file which is located in /etc/epgimport on your receiver. PlanetTV is part of Slovenian rytec package so you just need to check for Slovenian XMLTV (or any other country package, it depends on your needs) in rytec.sources.xml file and then copy one of the urls to your browser and download *.gz file where you can get all channel ids for selected country.

After you finish editing test.channels.xml file, copy it to etc/epgimport folder on your receiver.

2.Create test.sources.xml using Notepad++ and add this test content:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”latin-1″?>

<source type=”gen_xmltv” channels=”test.channels.xml”>
<description>Test XMLTV</description>


First you need to open rytec.sources.xml file and find section dedicated to your country. In my case I had to search for Slovenian rytec package. Then you need to copy this part and paste it in your new file named test.sources.xml. Here you need to change channels=”xxx” part. In my case I had to change it to test.channels.xml file which I created earlier. Also change description to something else, I just used name Test XMLTV.

After you finish editing test.sources.xml file, copy it to etc/epgimport folder and restart Enigma 2 – GUI.

3. Now you need to add this IPTV channel to Enigma 2. I already explained how to add IPTV channels to E2 bouquets in my older article which is located here: https://www.satnigmo.com/?p=2681

In my case I had to add this channel:

#SERVICE 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:rtsp%3a//origin.biokoda.tv/live/mbit-planet?k=planettv-public:Planet TV

This version does not work with EPG, I was forced to tweak it a bit:

#SERVICE 4097:0:1:E:10:1:FFFF0000:0:0:0:rtsp%3a//origin.biokoda.tv/live/mbit-planet?k=planettv-public:Planet TV

As you can see the only change are the letters and number after the 4097 part (the same applies to 1:0:1… channel reference). They need to match channel reference in test.channels.xml file.

4. Start EPG import in XMLTVimport plugin which might not be available for your favourite image. If you use OpenPLi, you can add it. EPG should appear or IPTV channels. If not, please write an message on Satnigmo forum, link is available below.

You can discuss this article on forum: https://www.satnigmo.com/forum/index.php?threads/tutorial-how-to-attach-epg-to-iptv-channels-in-iptv.2154/


1. https://www.satnigmo.com/2681/put-iptv-channels-enigma-2-bouquets/

2. https://www.satnigmo.com/2577/how-to-autostart-udpxy-on-enigma-2-based-receivers/

3. https://www.satnigmo.com/2302/converter-for-enigma-2-iptv-channels/

4. https://www.satnigmo.com/896/iptv-on-dreambox-vu-xtrend-and-clarke-tech-receivers/



Ocram picons new website is out

You probably know Ocram. He is doing some great work by updating great picon database in multiple resolutions (SD and HD). Recently he moved to a new website called picons.org where you can download always latest version of his picons. There is also a feed which enables you to easily download your wanted picons and what is even better, updates are easier now because you get newest picons by just updating the image, for example OpenPLi.

For download please visit this site: http://www.picons.org/downloads.html

In order to start using feed, follow these easy instructions: Download ocram-feed.conf and install the file in ‘/etc/opkg’ on your receiver. You need to use FTP of course, I assume you know how to use FTP 🙂


PIMP my PLiHD Skin for OpenPli 4.0

User Talbs from OpenPLi forum released this interesting default OpenPLi skin few months ago. It is basically just a small mod where you can choose between different color layouts which are borrowed from MyMetrix skin, you can also choose different fonts and use SHD picons or in other words, these picons are bigger than usual ones. Users are using these picons with MyMetrix skin but you cannot use it with default OpenPLi skin – PLiHD because you cant put it anywhere!

If you want to download and try it, visit OpenPLi forum (http://openpli.org/forums/topic/32847-pimp-my-plihd-by-talbs/page-3#entry414952) and download latest .ipk file. I dont know by heart if there is already latest version on OpenPLi official addon server. Below are some old pics. Be aware that author returned to default PLi skin main infobar layout but there is a bit more room for SHD picons, so you can use them without a problem.



IPK Creator 4.1 Released

You can download it here: https://mega.co.nz/#F!7sBTRKCD!M8jFCWZJvhBgevEyKZffjw

Author of this app is Persian Prince who is regular visitor of this blog 😉

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