Connect OScam with MGcamd

First we need to enable CCcam function in OScam. Add these lines into oscam.conf file on your server:

port                          = 35699 or something else
version                       = 2.3.0
ignorereshare                 = 1 #this enables you to control reshare on account level

CCcam is now enabled and now you need to create user in oscam.user file!

user                          = mguser
pwd                           = mguser
group                         = 1 #this depends on your oscam.server settings.
cccmaxhops                    = 1
cccreshare                    = 1

Now we need to configure MGcamd which will be client to OScam server. I suggest that you read this article where you can also find correct files for running MGcamd on receiver. Remember this. MGcamd only understands CCcam if you use this setting in mg_cfg file:

G: { 32 }

Then you need to create cccamd.list file where you copy/paste C line. In our case it should look something like this:

C: 35699 mguser mguser is IP of server where we are running OScam.

This should be it. I hope you will be able to configure OScam and MGcamd and start to watch TV 🙂

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