OScam with improved DVB-Api

User theparasol added many enhancements to DVBapi with version 8680 (05.06.2013). One of interesting enhancements is new PMT mode.

If you are using OpenPLi 3.0 then I suggest you select mode PMT 6 (you can find this option in OScam WebIf under Configuration/DVB-Api) and you can expect faster zapping! I tested this feature on my Vu+ Duo and you can really notice the difference. This mode is not available on other images, only on OpenPLi and OpenPLi derivates!

Do not forget to select option ReopenOnZap. If you not, then you will get black screen after a few zaps. You do not want that 😉


How to get Smargo Serial:Reader info for use in Oscam

Type these lines in telnet:  lsusb -v | grep iSerial
You should get something like this:

iSerial 3 Reader 129

Now you can add this in oscam.server:

Device = Serial:Reader 129

Smargo will now work in OScam without any issues, even after rebooting your PC server. Number 129 doesnt change!



Cyfra Update Problem

Do you have Cyfra+ card and you have problems with updating your card? I have this card and i have no problems with it. I am using oscam+mgcamd combination and everything works as it should. Here are my config lines:



label                         = cyfra
protocol                      = pcsc –> this is for omnikey, replace this with your cardreader!!
device                        = 4 –> this is for omnikey only!!
detect                        = cd
mhz                           = 357
cardmhz                       = 357
group                         = x (whatever you want)
emmcache                      = 1,3,2

As you can see, this is very straight forward config. Do not forger to edit oscam.user file too:
user                          = test
pwd                           = user
group                         = x (it should be the same as in the oscam.server file)
au                            = cyfra (the same as in the oscam.server file)

Now we need to enable newcamd for Cyfra card. You need to edit oscam.conf file:

port                          = 19000@0100:000068
key                           = 0102030405060708091011121314

That is it. Oscam is now configured. Lets move on to MGcamd EMU. You need to create new file newcamd.list (location is /usr/keys) and put these line in:

CWS = 19000 user test 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 lan server1

Bolded numbers are IP address of my OSCAM server. You need to change this of course. 19000 is the same as in oscam.conf file. User/test are the same as in oscam.user file! This is important, so be careful.

You also need to edit mg_cfg file. look for these lines:

# network mode, use summ for several clients
#    00 no network (default)
#    01 newcamd netclient
#    02 radegast netclient
#    04 camd3 netclient
#    08 gbox netclient
G: { 33 }

G setting should be set to 33. You can also try with setting 01 if you are using newcamd only. With 33 setting you can use CCcam and Newcamd protocols at the same time.

OK, we are at the end of this short tutorial. You should now get EMM updates to your card! IF NOT, please ask your Cyfra+ seller to reactivate your card. I had to do this once. I just contacted satsklep support and told them my Cyfra+ card number. They replied with email that they reactivated the card and that i need to use certain channel in order to get EMMs. I went to this channel and card was reactivated (it got EMMs).




OScam and DVBAPI

Edit OScam.conf file and put these lines in:

enabled =1
boxtype = dreambox (this is only for dreambox/VU+/Clarke-tech or Xtrend, for other systems use oscam wiki)
user = localuser
au = 1

Open oscam.user file and add these lines:

user = localuser #this must be the same as user in oscam.conf file
pwd = localuser #this can be anything but just use username here.
group = 1
au = 1 #this means that you will be able to update ALL readers/local cards in oscam.server! If you do not want to update all readers but only 1 reader, please use: au = x where x is label of the selected reader!

Thats it 🙂

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