Ocram picons new website is out

You probably know Ocram. He is doing some great work by updating great picon database in multiple resolutions (SD and HD). Recently he moved to a new website called picons.org where you can download always latest version of his picons. There is also a feed which enables you to easily download your wanted picons and what is even better, updates are easier now because you get newest picons by just updating the image, for example OpenPLi.

For download please visit this site: http://www.picons.org/downloads.html

In order to start using feed, follow these easy instructions: Download ocram-feed.conf and install the file in ‘/etc/opkg’ on your receiver. You need to use FTP of course, I assume you know how to use FTP 🙂


New XPicons for MetrixHD skin!

MetrixHD has quickly become one of the most popular skins and it is no surprise that almost every month we get new modification of original skin.

I myself use one of the  modifications and everything is fine except picons can be a pain. If you want them to look amazing, you need to use so called XPicons which are larger than normal ones. Till now we only had limited choice of these picons (23.5E and 19.2E) but recently user ocram decided to release his batch of XPicons or SHD as he call them. Currently there are more than 5500 SHD picons. You can also get smalled ones. For download visit his homepage on github! Making picons require a lot of work so please consider donating 😉


Dreambox Picons Collection

I decided to search for all picon makers who are still updating their picons. And i made nice collection that i would like to share with you guys and girls who are reading my blog. Picons can be used on all Enigma 2 satellite receivers!

13 and 19.2E PICONS

Picons made by mmark who is also making skins. I know he was making skins for BlackHole but i dont know what he is doing now. Picons are in formats 130×80, 100×60 and 96×64 and you can download them by visiting this link: http://www.e2skin.blogspot.com/

Picons made by Huminator are located here: http://www.i-have-a-dreambox.com/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=131222
These picons are 3D and are avaliable in sizes: 400×170, 100×60 and 50×30


For EX-YU countries you can get picons by visiting this thread: http://www.novisf.com/wbb/board8-digitalni-satelitski-kabelski-i-zemaljski-prijemnici/board9-dreambox/board97-enigma-2/board101-enigma-2-skins/85018-picons-hd-sd-7-490-kanal-reference/. Picons can be downloaded without being registered on this forum. Collection contains HD and SD picons for satellites FROM 30W to 45E.

User Nephilim is managing his collection here: http://linuxsat-support.com/picons/4219-picons-nephilim-hd.html or here http://www.i-have-a-dreambox.com/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=161664
Picons are for rhese satellites and DVB-T/C providers:
Zon Porto – Portugal
Romenia Cable
Saorview Ireland
0.8W to 100E

User Licher Pils is managing famous picon collection which is located here: http://www.i-have-a-dreambox.com/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=115340&page=1. You need to be registered if you want to download anything. There you will find HD and SD versions for these satellites and DVB-C providers:

Another great collection is located here: http://www.i-have-a-dreambox.com/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=165526. Picons are HD and transparent and are made by user PPH! Avaliable satellites and cable providers are:
Astra (19.2°E)
Hotbird (13.0°E)
Astra (23.5°E)
Astra (28.2°E)
Eurobird 9A (9.0°E)
Eutelsat W3A (7.0°E)
THOR 5+6, IntelSat 10-02 (0.8°W)
Kabel-BW (Karlsruhe, Göppingen)
Unitymedia (NRW, Hessen)
KMS München
Wilhelm.tel (Hamburg)
Kabel Deutschland

If you also want 3D versions, you can get them here (user PPH): http://www.i-have-a-dreambox.com/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=165944

User Pich is managing another nice collection which is located here: http://www.vuplus-support.org/wbb2/board.php?boardid=87. Registration is needed in order to download files! Available picons are:
Astra (19.2°E)
Astra (23.5°E)
Astra (28.2°E)
Hotbird (13.0°E)
Thor 5+6 Intelsat (0.8°W)
Eurobird 9A (9.0°E)
Eutelsat W3A (7.0°E)

User Clemens is managing his collection of picons and can be found here: http://www.vuplus-support.org/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=33552. Supported satellites are 9E-28.2E and probably even more, i am not exactly sure. In provided .rar file you will get more than 5000 picons!

User Ocram is maintaining one of the best collections out there. Why? Because it is constantly updated with new picons and you can download three different variants (SD, HD and SHD). Especially SHD picons are interesting because MetrixHD skin is using them. Picons can be downloaded here: http://ocram.github.io/picons/index.html If you can, please make a donation as making picons is not an easy task!


For 28.2E satellite i recommend that you visit this forum (need to be registered in order to download picons): http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f216/sgtflipflop-skyuk-bouquets-updated-regularly-163750/
User SGTFlipFlop is doing nice picons there and latest update is from october 2012.

Other picon collections for 28.2E are:
1. http://www.world-of-satellite.com/showthread.php?18869-BLACK-28-2E-by-MMCMedia
2. http://www.world-of-satellite.com/showthread.php?15138-Astra-28E-HD-Picons-by-Sandman



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