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Top Channel Lists (Bouquets) for Enigma 2

1. Vhannibal (General)

2. Beli1910 (EXYU-General)

3. Catseye (General)

4. Ciefp (EXYU-General)

5. Predr@g (EXYU-General)

6. SGTFlipFlop (UK)

7. Vento (EXYU-General)

8. Don@ (EXYU-General)

9. Henksat (Dutch) – his latest lists are available via OpenPLi feed!

10. Cyrus (General)

11. Team Dream (EXYU-General)

These channel lists are the ones you need to check (order is random!). There are maybe even more channel lists but I decided to put only the most known ones and those that are still regularly updated. Regular updates are very important for satellite channel lists as they can become quickly obsolete. All links will lead you straight to original authors topic on forum or to original authors website (Vhannibal). In some cases you can expect that you will have to register in order to be able to download files from forum.

If you think that I forgot to add something, please leave a comment, I will try to edit my article as soon as possible.


My favorite channel list is the one from Team Red. They are listening to the users and are constantly updating it. Impressive!

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