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How to Configure EMP Centauri Diseqc Switches

I decided to write a short tutorial about configuring popular EMP Centauri DISEqC switches. Nowadays you can buy hybrid EMP Centauri 9/1 which has integrated DIP switch where you can select four operational modes. You can choose between mode Diseqc 1.0, 1.0+1.1, 1.1 and 1.2. Diseqc 1.0 is not really suitable for 9/1 switch as you can only use 4 inputs (A/B/C/D) but some people decide to start with 4 LNBs and later expand to 8 or even more LNBs – you can buy 16/1 EMP switch which also works exceptionally well.

DISEqC mode = 1.0

Configuration for 1.0 mode is very simple, you just need to select correct satellite for every input (A-D).

DISEqC mode = 1.0+1.1

Settings for 1.1+1.0 mode are a bit challenging and here are 100% correct ones (I will only write most important options):

Committed DISEqC command = AA,AB,BA,BB
Uncommitted DISEqC command = 1 or 2
Command order = committed,uncommitted,toneburst

This should be it, all other options can be left alone, except LNB value should me changed but this is logical of course. Here are examples for every LNB value:

LNB 1 – Diseqc Committed AA – Uncommitted input 1
LNB 2 – Diseqc Committed AB – Uncommitted input 1
LNB 3 – Diseqc Committed BA – Uncommitted input 1
LNB 4 – Diseqc Committed BB – Uncommitted input 1
LNB 5 – Diseqc Committed AA – Uncommitted input 2
LNB 6 – Diseqc Committed AB – Uncommitted input 2
LNB 7 – Diseqc Committed BA – Uncommitted input 2
LNB 8 – Diseqc Committed BB – Uncommitted input 2

DISEqC = 1.1

This one is very easy to setup. Here are the required changes for mode 1.1:

Committed DISEqC command = none (in all situations)
Uncommitted DISEqC command = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Command order = uncommitted,committed,toneburst

And here are examples for every LNB:

LNB 1 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 1
LNB 2 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 2
LNB 3 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 3
LNB 4 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 4
LNB 5 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 5
LNB 6 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 6
LNB 7 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 7
LNB 8 – Diseqc Committed “none” – Uncommitted input 8


There is also mode 1.2 which behaves similar as a motor. This mode is rarely used and therefore I will skip it. I hope that this tutorial will help you setup EMP Centauri switch. Settings are the same on all Enigma 2 receivers but DISEqC implementation isn’t so you may encounter problems with some satellite receivers. Dreambox, Xtrend, Clarke-Tech, VU+ and Gigablue for sure do not have problems with EMP.

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